Transmission Bench classrooms are GREAT! You'll never be late for class and you can leave whenever you want to!

Choose from over 25 hours of FREE instructional video on the GM 4L60E, FORD AODE / 4R70W and CHRYSLER 46RE transmissions from the left column or buy them on USB drives below.

The New 4L80E Classroom lessons can be viewed by ordering them on a USB drive below.


NEW! 4L80E Class







NO or poor internet service?

Would you like to OWN all of the Transmission Bench video lessons from the left column in a convenient format to watch anywhere?


All 25 hours of the 4L60E, AODE/4R70W and Chrysler 46RE instructional video classroom lessons are now available on one 32GB USB drive. They are MP4 standard definition video files which can be viewed on a pc, laptop, tablet or smart TV. You could even transfer the files to your phone and conserve on data use! (4L80E Class not included)

Best of all, the price is low. You're essentially buying a loaded thumb drive and making a donation too. For $69.99, you get the equivalent of three technical school classes for about the cost of dinner for two at a restaurant. And... you're helping to fund the production costs of the videos. A $120.00 value!!!


FINALLY! A Classroom on the GM 4L80E!

Over 8 hours of excellent, high quality, 1080p high definition video instruction on one 32GB USB Drive. Instructor Jimmy Williams shows anyone how to teardown, rebuild and even modify the General Motors 4L80E automatic transmission.

It's an advanced series classroom not because it's any harder, but because the class includes additional instruction on the optional installation of a TRANSGO high performace reprogramming kit.

A $149.99 value for only slightly more than the cost of the empty drive itself.





All of the TRANSMISSION BENCH Classrooms produced to date on one large 64GB USB Drive.

35 total hours of video classroom lessons on the GM 4L60E, FORD AODE / 4R70W, CHRYSLER 46RE and GM 4L80E automatic transmissions.

The equivalent of 4 technical school courses!

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