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It's really not about me. This site is about you. Yes you! I want to inspire, encourage and teach, anyone with the desire, to repair an automatic transmission. Today's brutal economic climate has priced proffessional transmission repair out of reach for many. If this is your situation, you're not alone. You see, it happened to me over 30 years ago. It was 1978. I was 17 and still in high school. Second gear went out in my car and I didn't have $500.00 to have it fixed. I found a repair book at Kmart entitled "Petersen's BIG BOOK of AUTO REPAIR" which had a section on automatic transmission overhaul. There I found not only well written instructions, but also wonderful, detailed black and white step by step pictures. I decided to try and fix it myself, after all, how much harm could I do? It was already broken! That $9.95 book helped me fix the transmission; but it was the pictures, those beautiful images, that allowed me to "see" how to do it. I want YOU to see too - only now with high definition video!

Hi! My name is Jimmy Williams and I live just west of Augusta, Georgia. I have two wonderful grown kids that I'm proud of and my interests include videography, photography, electronics and of course, transmission repair. I ran a transmission shop for about 25 years and even though I closed it in 2008, I still rebuild them on the side. I've always enjoyed working on a transmission and hope you will too!